Engage Process Modeler – Free for students

As a student you can use our Modeler for free and experience the power of working with the most powerful process modeler on the market today.

  1. Map processes without the need to draw lines
  2. You can look at your processes from many different views without the need to redraw them.
  3. A strong analysis function helps you to calculate and see what the impact is in costs,lead times and other variables after making changes in your process.
  4. All cloud based; Start immediately!

The Engage Process Modeler is already used by thousands of students around the globe for class assignments and internships.

This student edition offers all features of the Professional edition. (It is only limited to a single project and a maximum of 5 processes).

At the end of each year you will receive a message that allows you to renew your subscription for free for another year, as long as you are still a student. We use the extension of your email address to certify your student status.

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